Canada’s residential school survivors speak out.

Thousands of aboriginal people are giving their testimony to Canada’s truth and reconciliation commission this week, recounting their experiences of a residential school system designed to force assimilation into white society. I’ve been following the sessions online, watching the live-stream and recordings. It’s harrowing viewing, awful to watch. And yet for some […]

A class divided

Part of my ‘the best things in life are free’ series, highlighting great free-to-access resources from the annals of peacebuilding. This full length documentary follows up on an experiment that primary school teacher Jane Elliot performed with her all-white class in the 1970s – dividing them according to […]

The Forum for Cities in Transition

Cities working together to lead transition from conflict


600 Slimming World recipes: with added sass and humour!

marriage, migration and moon-madness

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