Free and interesting on peace

5 more free online courses on peace and conflict

I previously posted a list of free online courses that were about to launch on a whole host of peace and conflict issues. Most of these have finished now. But never fear – here’s my new best picks of courses starting soon.

Some of these courses focus on providing a broad overview of peace, conflict and social justice issues. Some zoom in on a particular issue, such as terrorism, negotiation, or dealing with war-related trauma. Others introduce practical skills that peacebuilders, researchers, activists and social entrepreneurs might like to have in their back pockets.

They are offered by top universities, delivered by academics who are experts in their field – usually for free, and usually open to just about anyone with enough bandwidth. Many are certificated.

So whether you want to improve your skills and expertise, or just want to explore and find some answers to life’s difficult questions, hopefully there’s a course for you. Enjoy!

This course gives an introduction into the field of terrorism & counterterrorism studies. It will help you to analyze and understand these complex phenomena and discuss its impact on society with a global audience. Students, policy makers, journalists or anyone with a strong interest in understanding issues like the history, origins and nature of terrorism, security, fear management, resilience, politics, violence, foreign fighters and radicalization will find the course most relevant.


How do children overcome hazardous experiences to succeed in life? What can be done to protect young people at risk from trauma, war, disasters, and other adversities? Learn about the importance of fostering resilience in children at risk.


The course is composed of eight modules that together will introduce students to the influences that shape the world in which we live today. It will examine the forces that explain the differences between success and failure in economic development and effective government in different countries. It will view how these forces also interact in the global economy.


  • Ohio State University is offering a course on Human Trafficking, but starting 20th August so be quick! Very manageable programme – 4 weeks (2-4 hours per week). Comes with a certificate.

As a whole, students will become familiar with the forms, severity, and extent of various forms of trafficking that exist around the globe. Push and pull factors involved in trafficking as they relate to the major legal, political, social and economic factors that contribute to human trafficking will be discussed. Laws, anti-trafficking policies and rescue and restore programs on human trafficking will be highlighted.

  • Emory University are offering a 6 week (3-4 hours a week) course on Understanding Violence. It looks at causes of violence, types of violence and possibilities for prevention. Seems like it could be US focused with some international context. Starts 3rd September, you’ll get a certificate. I like that it seems super interdisciplinary.
  • And finally, this from Seoul National University on International Politics in the Korean Peninsula. It’s an 8 week course (4-5 hours a week) with required readings, online lectures, quizzes and discussions. Accessible in English. Start date TBC, but soon. Comes with a certificate.

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